"There is no one singular theory of archaeology, but many, with different archaeologists believing that information should be interpreted in different ways. Throughout the history of the discipline, various trends of support for certain archaeological theories have emerged, peaked, and in some cases died out. Different archaeological theories differ on what the goals of the discipline are and how they can be achieved ".

Oriel Zinaburg is a Ceramic artist based in East London.


He initially trained as an architect before practising ceramics in 2015.

Oriel is interested in the attribution of human traits, emotions, or intentions to non-human entities and objects, determined by a tendency of human psychology and archaeological theories.

Working in series, his work commands a charged expression of the surreal and absurd in order to represent an emotional state that one could be in.

Oriel’s ability to transform and manipulate the clay material as well as his interest in improvisational use of different techniques lead him to learn, explore and develop his skills as an artist.

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