“When I’m working with clay, I’m looking for a system of belief or ethics in the material. I want that material to have a dynamic, to push and move and grow. For me, ceramic is exploring the physical law of the clay material. "


Oriel Zinaburg explores the relationship between what is logically and mathematically constructed, and the fluidity of emotion. Finding inspiration from the human figure, landscape and geology, he uses formulas to distort his objects so that only a vague hint of the familiar can be seen. 


He starts the process by using press moulds and slab building techniques. Whilst the clay is still soft and wet, he tears, folds and distorts it. The materiality of the clay dictates the way in which the folds take shape. Thus the spontaneous orchestration of the various deformed silhouettes and profiles start to embody a frozen moment of movement, resulting in a swirling abstractions. 


The result is a mass of juxtaposed forms, which generates challenging geometries within each piece. Like a puzzle that gives no clear answers and leaves one feeling distended by its beautiful mystery.


Oriel initially trained as an architect before practising ceramics in 2015. He lives and works in London

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