About Oriel

Oriel initially trained as an architect before practicing ceramics in 2015.


His work is influenced more by 18th-19th-century European ceramic manufacturing than any other tradition.

Referencing the work of the Martin Brothers and Meissen Pottery, his distinctive stoneware developed in the opposite direction to many of his generation, gradually moving away from purely sculptural abstract forms to an exploration of the vessel as a figurative object. 


Oriel is interested in the attribution of human traits, emotions, or intentions to non-human entities and objects, determined by a tendency of human psychology. 


Working in series, his work commands a charged expression of the surreal and absurd in order to represent an emotional state that one could be in. 


Using the application of hand-building, with a textural finish that reveals the artist's hand, the collection does not represent any actual species. The anthropomorphic sculptures have large and rather fierce-looking beaks, massive feet and talons, and a quizzical look in their large eyes. Their heads lift off to reveal a cavity in the body. 

Oriel’s ability to transform and manipulate the clay material as well as his interest in improvisational use of different techniques lead him to learn, explore and develop his skills as an artist. 






Tel: +44 7766 410 321

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